The City of DuBois is located in the northwest corner of Clearfield County, which is located in the west central part of Pennsylvania. Prior to the police department being established in 1876, the duty of protecting the citizens and the enforcement of laws in DuBois were handled by night watchman and constables.

Today the City of DuBois Police Department is a full service agency providing coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The officers are scheduled on rotating shifts and each shift is staffed with a Patrol Sergeant or Corporal that is in charge of the supervision of the shift. Each supervisor also assists in the administration of the department by having additional duties assigned.

Our department responds to and investigates over 11,000 calls for service per year, making the department the busiest police agency in the Tri – County Area. We take pride in our officers and their ability to handle these calls because of their specialized training, experience and dedication to the safety of the residents and visitors to our community.

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